Our Products and Services

We offer a variety of services to businesses, governments, developers, contractors, and homeowners. Every system is
customized to best fit the needs of each customer and we guarantee the highest level of service.

Our Products and Services

WNL Power Solutions Limited offers sales, design, Installation and consultancy services of private and turnkey power projects, making use of the renewable sources of energy, mainly solar and wind. We deploy security solutions and surveillance services such as CCTV, movement sensors,  vehicle tracking, Fire Alarms etc.

Solar electric systems are being used by many industries for a vast array of applications because it provides cost savings solutions for remote sites as primary power and as supplemental power. Our systems have replaced noisy generators and utility lines as a reliable, low maintenance power source.

The company has in its employment a team of engineers that have been trained in the various technologies, services and solutions that we provide, with technical support from our technical partners, OEM’s around the world.

We have a wide range of products and solutions that can be applied in every sector of the economy. Some of these applications are stated below:

Power Backup Systems using our range of Power Inverters Our target market includes individuals and corporate bodies. The simple inverter/UPS systems are meant for homes and small offices, while larger systems are designed to meet the requirement of medium to large applications for most corporate bodies.

Our inverter systems come with a 1 year warranty and we guarantee round-the-clock after sales support, with an assured response to every reported issue within the first 24 hours from the time that issue was first reported.

Inverter, Solar Power backup systems for homes, commercial and industrial use. E.g ATM gallery, POS
Merchant points, offsite ATM locations, schools, churches, medical laboratories, hospitals, real estate developers, petrol stations, gas plants, etc

Solar powered security systems (CCTV and Surveillance Cameras).

Solar powered refrigerators can be used in the health sector for storage of vaccines, as well as for home use.

Solar water pumping and water treatment system.

Solar power for telecommunication use (powers base stations, microwave radios, etc)

UPS Back up for elevators and lifts and Solar powered street lights

Security and surveillance services such as CCTV, movement sensors, vehicle tracking, Fire Alarms etc.

Full Solar Installation

Nationwide solar system/inverter installations including solar panels, inverter, batteries, etc.

Isolation of inverter/non-inverter circuits so that you can run essential appliances on your solar system and heavy appliances on PHCN or generator.

Earthing to protect your solar equipment from lightning strikes.

High-quality and affordable components from top manufacturers You are also welcome to provide your own components.

Inverter-only/ Solar-only installation

If your PHCN supply is decent, we can install just an inverter without solar .

This will provide uninterrupted power for the hours when PHCN is unavailable.

This is also a cost-effective way to get started with solar without making the full investment at once. We can add-on solar when the time is right.

If you already have an inverter, we can install just the solar part to supplement charging your inverter from PHCN.

System maintenance

We can maintain systems even if they were not originally installed by us.

Battery replacement, top-off (for flooded batteries), desulphation (can improve the life of old batteries), equalization.

Solar panel repositioning, cleaning, and expansion.

Charge controller and inverter repair/upgrade.

Energy Audit

A thorough energy audit will allow us discover and recommend ways to get more out of your solar system e.g. replacing light fixtures with efficient alternatives, energy-saving settings on TVs, etc. Request an energy audit today.

Solar Water Pump

A solar water pump does not require batteries so they can function with minimal maintenance for several years. Compared to conventional water pumps that might be powered by petrol/diesel generators, the investment on a solar water pump pays off in 1-2 years.

Solar Security Systems

A good security system needs a reliable power source. We offer bundled packages for solar-powered street lights and solar-powered CCTV systems.